Privacy and Cookie Statement

These general terms and conditions, privacy and cookie statement apply to all websites, (mobile) applications, products and services (hereinafter jointly "Bapas services") offered by Bapas, with registered office at Nanovestraat 103, 1745 Opwijk and with company number 841.186.770 (hereinafter referred to as 'Bapas', 'we', 'us', 'our ').

Belgian law applies to these general terms and conditions, privacy and cookie statement. Disputes fall under the exclusive jurisdiction of the courts and tribunals in Brussels.

This Privacy Statement applies to all websites, (mobile) applications, products and services offered by Bapas. Bapas is responsible for the processing of personal data collected on this website and during Bapas activities.

We handle privacy and privacy sensitive data within the limits of the current privacy legislation (including the General Data Protection Regulation (EU) 2016/679 and the Electronic Communication Act of 13/06/2005). In this Privacy and Cookie Statement we inform you about how we handle personal data.

Personal data are data that can be used to identify an individual or that can be linked to an individual. In particular, this Privacy and Cookie Statement informs you about how we process personal data of the users of this website, as well as about the purposes of this processing. In the same context, we also consider the various privacy rights you as a user of this website can have access to and the way in which you can exercise these rights. This Privacy and Cookie Statement applies to all activities on this website.

Privacy statement

  1. Why does Bapas collect data?
    You can visit the Bapas site freely and consult free information about beer & food. You can view information without having to provide personal data. In order to use certain Bapas services, you will be asked to provide your (personal) details, such as your name, e-mail address and/or address details, etc. You will be re-informed about this when you provide your personal data. This information can be used by Bapas for various announcements concerning new trainings, workshops, products and services from Bapas, certified ambassadors and educational partners.
  2. Which personal data does Bapas collect?
    Bapas collects the personal data that you voluntarily provide as a user of this website when you fill out the contact form or send an e-mail, for example your name and e-mail address.

    We also process personal data by means of cookies on our website (see Cookie Statement for more information), such as your IP address, surfing behavior on the website, click behavior, location details and cookie ID.
  3. For what purposes does Bapas process personal data?
    Bapas processes the personal data collected via the website for the following purposes:
    Practical purposes: the correct use and display of the website.
    Legal purposes, such as age control.
    Communication purposes: treating your question or suggestion via the contact form or e-mail.
    If you have given permission: marketing purposes and promotional purposes, such as conducting promotional campaigns, sending newsletters, displaying offers and information, sending user information, service messages or other electronic messages via advertising networks and social media channels.
  4. To whom can Bapas provide personal data?
    Bapas provides personal data to third parties only when this is permitted in accordance with the current privacy legislation. Furthermore, we use Google Analytics to collect your personal data by means of tracking cookies (see Cookie Statement for more information).
  5. How long does Bapas store personal data?
    Bapas does not store personal data for longer than necessary for the purposes mentioned above.
  6. How can you, as a user, exercise your privacy rights?
    You always have the right to inspect, correct and partially or completely delete your personal data, as well as the right to withdraw permission or object to (part of) the processing of your personal data. For this you can always contact Bapas via the e-mail address In the subject of your e-mail, you must clearly state that it concerns the execution of a right under the General Data Protection Regulation, with details of the right you wish to exercise. Please note that in certain cases Bapas may request additional information, such as a copy of your identity card, in order to establish your identity properly.
  7. Is Bapas responsible for other websites?
    We offer a number of services in cooperation with other websites. Personal data that you provide on those sites may be sent to Bapas so that you can use the service properly. We process these data in accordance with this Privacy policy. The sites we collaborate with may have their own Privacy policy. We recommend that you also read this policy thoroughly.
  8. Can this privacy statement be changed?
    Bapas may decide to change this privacy statement in the future if, for example, we wish to, as far as legally permitted, process other (personal) data and/or want to provide this information to third parties that are not mentioned in this privacy statement.
Cookie Statement

  1. What are cookies and similar techniques?
    A cookie is a small text file that is placed or read during your visit to a website, for example in the browser of your computer, tablet or smartphone. Through this text file (personal) data are stored or consulted. Based on these (personal) data you can be recognized on a later visit. JavaScripts and web beacons are examples of similar techniques, which together with cookies ensure that a system can collect information (JavaScripts), store it in small, simple text files (cookies) and then send (web beacons).
  2. Why does Bapas use cookies?
    The website may use cookies for the following purposes::
    1. Technically necessary cookies: these cookies are required to enable the technical functioning of websites, apps, services or tools.
    2. Functional cookies: these cookies are used to provide functionalities to use our website, such as the possibility to store preferences on a website, whether or not within the duration of the session.
    3. Analytical cookies: Bapas uses Google Analytics and other analytical cookies in a privacy friendly way, in order to analyze how visitors use our website. This way Bapas can improve the user-friendliness of the website.
    4. Advertisement or tracking cookies: Currently there are no so-called 'tracking cookies' or 'third party cookies' on the Bapas website. Tracking cookies are cookies that may track your internet behavior across various websites and that are placed by third parties on a certain website. For the placing of third-party cookies, your permission is requested in advance, because this allows to track your internet behavior across various websites.
  3. Which (personal) data does Bapas collect via Cookies?
    Bapas collects your IP address and MAC address (where possible anonymous), surfing and click behavior, cookie identifiers, technical characteristics (such as the browser you use and the resolution of your computer screen), via which page you landed on the Bapas website, when and for how long you visit or use our websites, whether you use the functionalities of our websites, which pages you visit on our websites.
  4. How can you refuse cookies?
    By changing the settings of your browser, you can indicate that your browser can not accept cookies (from our website). If your browser does not accept cookies from our website, you may not be able to access certain functionalities of our website or you may not be able to use all functionalities. If you do not wish to use the Google Analytics cookies, you can refuse Google (Analytics) cookies via the settings in your browser. If you disable (certain) cookies, some parts of the website may not work (optimally) and you may not be able to use all functionalities on our website.
How can you contact Bapas?

  1. If you have any questions or requests about the privacy policy of Bapas, you can contact Bapas:

    Bapas, Nanovestraat 103,
    1745 Opwijk
    or via e-mail:

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