In contrast to traditional foodpairing, we at Bapas put the beer in a central position. We analyze the beer on taste, flavor and texture and look for interesting and dominant components. We call this the 'flavotyping' of the beer. The flavotyping of the beer is visualized in the "Beerpairing card" showing the balance chart and the beerpairing wheel. They are at the basis in our search for matching ingredients and meals.

Beerpairing cards

The beerpairing cards show the flavotype and the pairing possibilities of the beer, at a glance. They support you in trying out the beer of your choice and discover the ingredients that fit well with it.
Matching ingredients Flavour Taste Carbon dioxide Alcohol volume Beercolor Brewer Subcategory Category Name
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Beer passports

From a selection of beers we developed a unique beer passport. In addition to the analysis of your favorite beer, you also find additional information about the brewer and a recipe based on the beerpairing card. Not just an ideal source of inspiration for self-catering, the passports are also the ideal guide for a successful beer and food evening with your friends.

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