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The Bapas Beerpairing Academy guarantees customized trainings at your own pace and for any level. From low-threshold tasting or workshop to training to beerpairing professional.

  • basic training for beer connoisseur, suitable for any enthusiastic beerlover
  • training zythologist for the beer & foodlover
  • the Beerpairing Masterclasses, our training for professionals

The Bapas trainings are supported by the Delvaux Beerexpertise Center and Syntra and lead to a diploma or certificate. If you already have a qualified diploma of zythologist, cook or brewer, you may become Bapas Ambassador in no time, thanks to the Beerpairing Masterclasses.
The workshops, trainings and tastings are based on the proven ABC beerpairing method.
ABC Method
Already a certified zythologist, cook or brewer? Become Bapas Ambassador in no time thanks to the Beerpairing Masterclasses.