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Get started with our video recipes or combine beer and delicious food in no time, thanks to our beerpassports.

The Beerpairing Academy unveils all hidden secrets of pairing beer and food.

Enjoy the best quality beer with your favorite dish, together with Bapas. Always and everywhere.


Our method

The Bapas team constantly explores the market in search of beers with high gastronomic potential that may receive the Bapas quality label.
Our experts analyze these beers on taste, aroma and texture: the basic elements for our chefs to find suitable ingredients and to create matching and delicious dishes.
Balance graph, aroma scale, texture scale, beerpairing wheel: our tools to inform you even better with recipes, movies, beerpairing cards and beer passports, books and appropriate trainings.
Wonderful concept! Do you really want to try something new, then this is an absolute must!
Lucas B

Complete your knowledge

Complete and practice your knowledge in the Beerpairing Academy. Our professional trainers support you to get started with beers and tasty dishes and eventually become a BapasÂ’ ambassador. We provide trainings at every level: from simple beer tasting to beerpairing masterclass.