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Melon with dried Spanish ham, Serano chips, sour cream and pink pepper & Rodenbach Grand Cru

Melon with dried Spanish ham, Serano chips, sour cream and pink pepper & Rodenbach Grand Cru
for 12 persons

  1. 200 g of dried Spanish ham
  2. 100 g of sour cream
  3. small basil leaves
  4. ½ watermelon
  5. ½ honey melon
  6. ½ Galia melon
  7. 5 g of pink pepper
  8. salt
  1. Preheat the oven to 100° C
  2. Place a butter paper on the baking tray and arrange 3 slices of serano ham on the paper and dry for 1 hour until crisp
  3. Scoop 10 nice balls from the Galia melon and do the same for the honey melon
  4. Cut the balls in half, put them in a jar and keep them in the fridge
  5. Keep a few pink pepper balls aside for the finish and grind the rest of the pink pepper in the mortar
  6. Put the sour cream in a bowl and add the ground pepper and a pinch of salt
  7. Mix well with a spoon and put the cream in a piping bag in the fridge
  8. Cut the watermelon into round slices of about 1.5 cm thick and divide them into 6 equal triangles
  9. Arrange the Galia and honey melon on the triangles
  10. Decorate with small pieces of dried ham, pipe some dots of sour cream in between and finish with the basil leaves, the serano chips and some extra pink pepper
  11. Serve this bapa with a Rodenbach Grand Cru
In this pairing the contrast of salt, acid and sweet approaches a near perfect taste balance. The salty Spanish ham works very well in contrast to all 3 types of melon. When sipping of the fresh beer the creamy pink pepper cream bridges the different tastes and makes everything flow very smoothly. The pink pepper adds tension and pimps the watermelon and the Rodenbach grand cru to unprecedented heights. Very easy to prepare this Bapa has a Michelin star worthy taste level.
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